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Who We Are

Queer and trans visibility on-screen and off has reached greater prominence than ever before, but is that representation actually positive, authentic, radical, ethical, or even adequate? Let's find out!

Written exclusively by LGBTQQIAP writers, The Gay Gaze exists to disrupt traditional cultural criticism and make space for voices often excluded from mainstream conversations on the state of media. We aim to be unapologetically political, explicitly feminist and anti-racist, nuanced in our critiques, and thoughtful in our delivery. We are open to any and all pitches about film, television, theater, comedy, politics, and LGBTQ+ representation more broadly. There are no limits to what we can cover!

Founded by Cyrus Cohen in March 2020, The Gay Gaze is just getting started, and we want your input on how we can better serve you and the LGBTQ+ community as a whole. Fill out the form below to let us know what you think! Email for questions or pitches. Thank you so much!

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